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RankCultureNumber of plotsNumber of h.Number of market gardenersNumber of plots per market gardenerNumber of h. per market gardener
1.Lying fallow5 0432 455.352302210.68
2.Carrot (maincrop)193117.105832.02
3.Strawberry (garden)10567.353831.77
4.Tomato (green house/tunnel)10544.953331.36
5.Green beans (garden)8752.404421.19
6.Lettuce (garden)8251.852831.85
7.Parsnips (garden)7838.902831.39
8.Broccoli (garden)5828.552920.98
9.Winter garlic5634.401542.29
10.Spinach spring (garden)5530.051931.58
11.Cauliflower (garden)5529.502721.09
12.Pickle (garden)5522.602520.90
13.Leek (garden)5324.054010.60
14.Strawberry (green house/tunnel)5223.503320.71
15.Radish (garden)4828.602321.24
16.Autumn garlic4021.803010.73
17.Corn salad (garden)3419.552310.85
18.Broccoli (green house/tunnel)3318.901521.26
19.Green beans (green house/tunnel)3315.952220.73
20.Muskmelon (garden)3216.301521.09
21.Turnip (garden)2718.701521.25
22.Spinach winter (garden)2714.051421.00
23.Aubergine (green house/tunnel)224.351220.36
24.Courgette (garden)209.501120.86
25.Muskmelon (green house/tunnel)205.851120.53
26.Carrots (early)167.001110.64
27.Aubergine (garden)158.001020.80
28.Spinach Winter (green house/tunnel)147.85352.62
29.Brussels sprout145.50920.61
30.Celeriac (garden)126.40910.71
31.Radish (green house/tunnel)84.80710.69
32.Turnip (green house/tunnel)84.40520.88
33.Pickle (green house/tunnel)83.45810.43
34.Celeriac (green house/tunnel)81.20610.20
35.Lettuce (green house/tunnel)75.00710.71
36.Corn salad (green house/tunnel)40.70410.18
37.Spinach spring (green house/tunnel)11.00111.00
38.Courgette (green house/tunnel)00.00000.00
39.Parsnips (green house/tunnel)00.00000.00
 Totals6 5283 249.4091873.54

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